Red Wine Coasters - All you Need to Know

Red Wine Coasters - All you Need to Know

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Sometimes, the less you know, the better. 

We picked the five most popular red wine varietals to create our Red Wine Coasters. They make great conversation starters, after all, who doesn’t want to share which cab is their favorite?

- CABERNET (all you need to know) 
- ZINFANDEL (all you need to know) 
- PINOT NOIR (all you need to know) 
- MERLOT (all you need to know) 
- SYRAH (all you need to know) 

Available as a set of five, or can be purchased individually to create your own set.

Our coasters are cut one at a time in American vachetta leather, sturdy yet soft in feel. Each phrase is then heat debossed with a 1940s heat stamper. 

The result is both elegant and understated. No additional details are needed—minimal in design, straight cut edges without stitching, or excess decoration. Over time, your leather coasters will develop a beautiful patina through time and use. Made in our Glen Rock, NJ studio. 

- leather: American Vachetta 
- dimensions: 3 3/4 inch in diameter x 1/8th inch thick 
- typeface: Aesro Studio Light, Aesro Studio Italics 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

How much fun are we really having if we don't strut our best selves and have the ability to laugh at ourselves and the world around us? 

- Vivi 

PS. Buy something that is made with quality materials, and it will last and last. 

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